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🚚خصم 35٪ + توصيل مجاني ⚠️

    الباقة المضادة للحساسية

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    اطلب الأن واستلم طلبك خلال ٣ أيام عمل


    Sensitive teeth? No problem! Our anti-sensitivity formula is here to make your teeth shine without feeling anything!


    How to use?

    1- Brush your teeth normally.

    2- Apply the gel of the whitening pen to cover all your teeth.

    3- Stick the Whitening strips over the gel of the pen, and cover all your teeth.

    4- Wait for 30 minutes. (You can close your mouth)

    5- Rinse your teeth with water only, don't drink coffee, wine, or any colorful beverage, nor eat anything for 30 minutes only.

    6- Repeat daily. 


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